Luca Cristofari Wedding Videographer in Italy

    Hi my name is Luca Cristofari and I’m a wedding videographer and photographer based in Italy. I’m the founder of cinemotionsfilms an awards winning studio in 2019 situated in Italy.

    I live in Umbria since I was a child and since there I have studied photography and cinematography and I have a degree in communication and advertising I shoot video since I was 9 years old and I remember the day and the tears of joy when my dad give me a super 8 camera. From there i am passionate about cinematography and work every day to grow my beautiful passion.

    I have studied communication and advertising and I have a degree that increase my knowledge and point of view about communication for video to transform my passion in a work.

    To increase my capabilities I spent many hours to talk with many colleague around the world to share our point of view relating to cinematography and have part of many workshop and course.

    Every day is rich of skills that we must know to increase the power of our works. Related to my work I have a personality idea about wedding films. Many people talk about gear discount and technology, for me the importance are the emotions.

    I truly believe that a best videographer must know many technician but the importance are the emotions and how to tell them. My videos are an artistic interpretation of the reality I truly believe that a good quality without personality is not good I have worked so hard to realize my dreams and I still continuing working on this because I like making the dream of everyone.

    As Wedding Videographer and photographer, I try to reach all the couples that want getting married in Italy. The very essence about wedding films is to create very precious pieces of art that represents your personality and your souls and emotions.

    I’m truly connected with my country and all the places I love, Venice, umbria Tuscany and Rome for me is a source of inspiration. I usually know the couple before the wedding , to create a sort of empathy , only with this familiar approach we can be able to create something of beautiful.

    Don’ t loose the opportunity to have a cinematographer as a friend at your wedding. Take care about your emotions, choose Cinemotions Films.