Costs Destination wedding videographer and photographer in Italy

    Hire a destination Wedding Videographer in Italy

      Costs for destination wedding videographer or Photographer in Italy

    How much does a wedding video cost?
    Before answering, I want to tell you my point of view.

    When we talk about wedding videos we refer to wedding videos of many years ago, long, boring and emotionless.
    Well, today is no longer true because there is a professional figure that is the videographer and not “video maker” who does a different and parallel job than the photographer.
    Why choose a videographer and not a video maker?? The difference between one and another is about the know how and capabilities about composition light and organization.
    Many persons in Italy choose simple video maker to make theyr wedding video, but the difference between videographer and video maker is not only referred about their price.
    My advice is therefore to choose who will be the director of your wedding rely on professional and expert videographes.
    Invests 500 euros plus to hire a professionist that shoot wedding video every day is the bests choice that you can do.
    My point of view is not only about the price, but the capabilities and the ability to choose the right moment, light and position in the scene.
    The first thing the bride and groom choose is often the photographer and they rely on him to find the videographer. Well, let me tell you that you’re wrong.
    Photographers very often tend to offer photo / video packages at discounted prices, relying on untrained and first – time videomakers.

    The price range to hire a professionsts in my opinion is the same for the photographic service and videographer. In Italy, you can hire a professionist from 2000 euro to 4000 euros for photos and from 2000 euros to 8000 euros for the wedding film.

    The price depends on : request for the same date, the period ,the capabilities of the wedding filmmaker, the amount of work that he can do during the years and much more things.
    Taking a look at my page you can understand what wedding film means today. It is nothing more than a short film of emotions that will keep the memory of your most beautiful day alive and lasting.

    Think of how beautiful it is, after some time, to relive the same emotions, the same moments with your loved ones and get excited as if you were living again that day.
    Well, know that a photo, no matter how beautiful it may be, can never give you everything!
    So, my advice is not to give up the Wedding video because you will deeply regret it.
    Rather, save on useless things and rely on professionals who will make your wedding an unforgettable emotion!
    Location, Storytelling and Emotions … the winning mix for a perfect wedding.
    For your special Day , Choose Cinemotions Films.
    Take care about your emotions. For your special Day , Choose Cinemotions Films

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