Luxury wedding Capri


    Luxury Destination Wedding Film – CAPRI

    There is something special about this Luxury Wedding in Capri.

    The planning of the event it was perfect and the wedding was designed from Silvia Melone wedding planner in Italy. Destination Wedding in Italy are so special and rich of emotions and for me and my team it’s a pleasure take care about your memories.For our Russian Wedding in Italy, I found myself face to face with one of the most beautiful and crazy wedding Party. 

    The speech during the dinner tell me more and more about their stories.

    I relive their beautiful stories from their face rich . As a Wedding videographer based in Umbria near Perugia, I love the moments when the couple tell their stories and share their emotions. Yes, Because the importance of an Wedding Films, it’s to tell the emotion of the couple and fix it forever.The day began with the sun slowly awakening and creeping in through the windows of the beautiful location where our Russian Wedding in Beautiful place, capri

    The bride dress was fantastic, an elegant dressing and a very soft pouched make up made by her, give her an elegant and sophisticated look .  As a wedding videographer in Umbria, I have been a part of many beautiful weddings and unions of love and lives, but there was something distinct and different about this Russian Destination Luxury wedding in Italy. It was a pleasure be part of this event and give them a very strong wedding film to empower the emotions and give a very long lasting memory.

    Take care about your emotions. For your special Day , Choose Cinemotions Films

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    Wedding Film: Cinemotions Films

    Venue: La Badia – Orvieto

    Planning: Silvia Melone Wedding Planner

    Photography: Diego Peoli Photographer


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    4 June 2019