Luxury wedding Film – Orvieto- Perugia


    Destination Wedding Film – Umbria

    Umbria Orvieto, Perugia, Italy

    There is an inspirational wedding in Orvieto, Perugia Umbria.

    Near the little city of Orvieto, there are more bucolic place to use for our works.The idea behind this work, give me an inspiration for the next wedding films.What is a wedding ?? And What is the meaning of the term wedding ??Wedding or civil union are a moments where two people meet each other to became a unique things.

    In this bucolic place we can search many different light to enhance the philosophy of the union of the two persons. Wedding planning it’ s just a little things . The important are the emotions and the moment that couple can create.

    The bride dress was elegant and very simple.  As a wedding videographer in Umbria, I have been a part of many beautiful weddings and unions of love and lives, but in this case I think that to have a new inspiration for my cinematography style, this type of shoot is necessary.

    The story is the key and the storytelling is what we love to do.

    Take care about your emotions. For your special Day , Choose Cinemotions Films



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    4 June 2019